Pike Fishing on Lough Derg

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Pike Fishing on river Shannon

Lough Derg has quality pike fishing to offer every angler to help him/her to catch that pike of a lifetime. The pike angler can use a wide range of methods including wobbling and static dead baiting, spinning, lure and fly fishing.

Static Dead Baiting:
A very common method where you use a dead fish such as a small roach or a sea fish, such as mackerel. You will need to use a running rig and need some form of bite indication. This method can be described as inactive, as once you cast out your baits you have to wait for a bite. It is extremely important to use a buzzer, as you need to know as soon as you get a bite so you can strike quickly to avoid deep hooking especially in summer.

You will need a boat for this method. It is pretty straight forward. You bring a selection of different lures and cast them out from behind the boat and slowly make you way around the lake. You need to set your drag just right so you don’t pull the fishes jaw off if you get a bite or lose your rod!!

If you are inexperienced and do not have alot of tackle spinning is a very basic, cheap and effective method. All you need are a couple if spinners and plugs. Attach the lure to the end of your line by way of a steel trace and cast out and retrieve the lure. You should try cover as much ground as possible although it is important to have a good knowledge of the lake in order to increase your chances of success. to increase your chances of catching. Spinners are quite effective during the summer months.

Fishing on lough Derg can be very rewarding and also very frustrating.   I would recommend that visiting anglers would get information from local anglers as to good locations on the lake for catching the various species of fish.   For example, someone who wants to go trout fishing would be advised to fish a certain section of the lake and the pike angler would fish in a different area where depending on the time of year deeper water might be needed to access the large pike that normally, stay on the bottom of the lake.

FISH/DEPTH FINDERS.   Fish/depth finders have become very popular in Lough Derg in helping the visiting Angler find his way around this large Lake.     Lough Derg is 32000 acres in size and it can be difficult to catch the desired fish, be it trout, pike, or other sought after species.

Shannon Boat Hire have all hire boats equipped with fish finders and detailed maps are also available to help the angler have his best possible day on the lake.  For anyone who needs fishing tackle, it can also be hired.

Shannon boat hire;   Ring   Noel  086 7856633  and you can discuss your needs for a great days fishing.


Wobbling/Sink and draw:
This is often described as the one of the most effective method of pike fishing. You will need to buy some small dead fishes for bait. Smelt are usually considered the most effective and can be bought from Tjs fishing tackle shop in Ballina in packs of ten. Similar to spinning you just hook the dead bait on to your trace and cast out the bait and reel it in slowly mimicking the movement of a dying fish. To increase your chances the most, you should try to cover as much ground as possible. Try a few casts in one spot and then move on 10 meters or so and cast again and continue in this fashion covering as much ground as possible.

Winter Angling for Pike.

Now that winter is here and the water temperature is dropping to single figures, pike will tend to head for deeper waters up to about 15 to 2o meters on lough Derg especially.  Pike will stay in deeper waters because there are shoals of bream, roach, perch, and hybrids, available should Mr pike feel peckish.     Dead bait trolling is the best method of angling at this time of year as the pike are concentrating on the various selection of live bait available to them and when they see a dead bait arriving it usually proves too much of a temptation for them.   Lough Derg is the ideal venue for pike fishing as there are large areas of water in the 5-meter region and with drop offs of up to 20 meters where the pike will be feeding.

Correct fishing tackle is very important when fishing for pike as it would be a shame to lose a large pike because the fishing line was too weak or the trace didn’t hold up.   When trolling on lough Derg it would be recommended to use a 10 ft rod with  multipliers or a fixed spool bait runner.  Make sure you use a strong line approx 30-50 lb breaking strain and make sure your traces split rings and swivels are of top notch.

Weather conditions on Lough Derg can vary not alone from day to day but from hour to hour so it is very important you know where the nearest sheltered bay is in case the wind should suddenly pick up.    Lough Derg is 32000 acres in size and stretching from Portumna in Galway down to Killaloe in Clare.   Having said all that it is seldom that we fail to get a day unsuitable for fishing on the lake.

The lake is sheltered by Sliabh Bearnagh on the Clare side and Tountinna on the Tipperary side so some shelter can be found one one side of the lake or the other.   In any case, if you do venture out fishing always wear a life jacket respect the water and tight lines.        More information available under fishingforkids.ie or to hire a lake boat,  call Noel on 086 7856633 complete with fish finders and Yamaha outboards open all year round.

Regards  Patrick.

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